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Tar-Amandil (Second Age 192 – 603, aged 411 years) was the third King of Númenor, ruling for 148 years, from Second Age 442 to 590. He was legally the third King of Númenor, but was actually its second ruler. Tar-Amandil's father, Vardamir Nólimon, declined to take the Sceptre upon the death of his father, Elros Tar-Minyatur, and was only a titular king.

Tar-Amandil had three children: two sons, Elendil and Eärendur, and a daughter, Mairen. Just as his father had yielded the Sceptre before his death, Tar-Amandil abdicated in 590 and was succeeded by his eldest son Elendil, who would rule as Tar-Elendil.


Amandil means "Devoted to Aman" in Quenya (from ndil = "friend, lover, devoted to").


                          Vardamir Nólimon
                 |           |          |          |
                 |           |          |          |
            TAR-AMANDIL   Vardilmë   Aulendil   Nolondil
    |            |         |
    |            |         |
Tar-Elendil   Eärendur   Mairen

Preceded by:
3rd King of Númenor
II 442 – 590
Followed by: