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Tar-Amandil was the third King of Númenor. He ruled for 148 years, from 442 to 590 of the Second Age. Tar-Amandil was legally the third King, but actually its second ruler. His father, Vardamir Nólimon, declined to take the Sceptre upon the death of his own father, Elros Tar-Minyatur, and was only a titular King. However, since Tar-Vardamir was held to have ruled for one year, Tar-Amandil's reign officially began in the year 444.

Tar-Amandil had three children: two sons, Elendil and Eärendur; and a daughter, Mairen. Just as his father had yielded the Sceptre before his death, Tar-Amandil abdicated in 590 and was succeeded by his eldest son Elendil, who would rule as Tar-Elendil. This tradition of renouncing the Sceptre a few years before death was observed by most of the rulers of Númenor until Tar-Atanamir.


Amandil means "Devoted to Aman" in Quenya (from -ndil "friend, lover, devoted to"). Like all the rulers of Númenor who took their royal names in Quenya, Amandil added the prefix tar- ("high") to his name when he received the Sceptre.


                 |           |          |          |
                 |           |          |          |
            TAR-AMANDIL   Vardilmë   Aulendil   Nolondil
    |            |         |
    |            |         |
Tar-Elendil   Eärendur   Mairen

Preceded by:
3rd King of Númenor
II 442 – 590
Followed by: