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Tar-Ancalimë (Second Age 873 – 1285, aged 412 years) was the seventh ruler and first Ruling Queen of Númenor, reigning for 205 years, from 1075 to 1280. Her name means "Most bright".

She married the nobleman Hallacar, son of Hallatan of Hyarastorni. Both Tar-Ancalimë and Hallacar were fifth-generation descendants of Tar-Vardamir, and the marriage was more one of politics than of love. The Queen aimed to produce of an heir in order to secure her throne from her first cousin Soronto. Following the birth of their son, Hallacar and Tar-Ancalimë lived apart.

Tar-Ancalimë was raised by her mother Erendis and a childhood companion was Zamîn. Her mother's tragic married life might have influenced Tar-Ancalimë's rejection of her husband. She was succeeded by her son, Tar-Anárion. She died in Second Age 1285, at the age of 412 years.

Preceded by:
7th King of Númenor
(1st Ruling Queen)
II 1075 – 1280
Followed by: