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Tar-Anducal (Second Age 2286 - 2657, aged 371 years) was the name taken by Herucalmo, husband of Tar-Vanimeldë, Ruling Queen of Númenor. Anducal means "Light of the West".

During his wife's reign, Herucalmo was the real power in Númenor. After the Queen's death, he took the Kingship illegally as Tar-Anducal, and ruled the island kingdom for twenty years until his own death in 2657. He was succeeded by his son, the rightful heir to Tar-Vanimeldë, who took the Sceptre as Tar-Alcarin. Tar-Alcarin then removed his father from the Royal Line so that Herucalmo would never be recorded as King.

Preceded by:
Ruler of Númenor
II 2637 – 2657
Followed by: