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| race=numenorean
|list=19th [[King of Númenor]]<br>[[Second Age 2825|S.A. 2825]] - [[Second Age 2899|2899]]
| house=[[House of Elros]]
| born={{SA|2618}}
| died={{SA|2899}}
| prev=[[Tar-Calmacil]]
| list=19th [[King of Númenor]]
| dates={{SA|2825}} - {{SA|2899|n}}
| next=[[Ar-Adûnakhôr]]

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Biographical Information
Other namesAr-Abattârik (A)
TitlesKing of Númenor
AffiliationKing's Men
LanguageAdûnaic; used Quenya out of custom
BirthS.A. 2618
RuleS.A. 2825 - 2899 (74 years)
DeathS.A. 2899 (aged 281)
HouseHouse of Elros
Physical Description
Tar-Ardamin (Q, pron. [taˈrardamin]) or Ar-Abattârik is sometimes listed in the list of rulers of Númenor but is sometimes omitted. He was the son of King Tar-Calmacil, and if he is counted as one of the rulers, then he is the 19th in the line of kings.[1]



In private, the King's Men called him by a name in their own Adûnaic language: Ar-Abattârik. This King was the last to follow the practice of using an official Quenya name. His son Ar-Adûnakhôr abandoned the old traditions, and used Adûnaic in his official name.

Ar-Adûnakhôr is generally counted as the twentieth ruler.[1]


In Adûnaic, Ar-Abattârik means "Pillar of the World".

Ardamin contains the Quenya word Arda ("world"); the element min usually means "one" but in this name, it might also be understood as "pillar" or "tower" (cf. Sindarin minas "tower").



Other Versions of the Legendarium

It should be said that there is some doubt over the character of Ar-Abattârik. He is listed in the detailed annals of The Line of Elros: Kings of Númenor as the son of Tar-Calmacil and father of Ar-Adûnakhôr,[1] but in Appendix A I (i) to The Lord of the Rings, the relevant section of the King-lists[2] appears like this:

"...Tar-Calmacil. After Calmacil the Kings took the sceptre in names of the Númenorean (or Adûnaic) tongue: Ar-Adûnakhôr..."
Appendix A I (i)

It seems most likely, as Christopher Tolkien suggests, that this omission is probably a simple mistake, and that Tar-Ardamin or Ar-Abattârik should appear in the list at this point.[3]


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House of Elros
Born: S.A. 2618 Died: S.A. 2899
Preceded by:
19th King of Númenor
S.A. 2825 - 2899
Followed by: