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Tar-Atanamir (1800 - 2221 S.A., r. 2029 - 2221 S.A.), known as "The Great", was the 13th King of Númenor. He succeeded his father, King Tar-Ciryatan. His name means "Jewel of Man". He was the first king to refuse to die willingly and give up the sceptre; death instead took him by force and thus his reign ended. Thus every king afterwards did not renounce his reign except for Tar-Palantir.

Tar-Atanamir was the first King to speak out against the Ban of the Valar, and to advocate opposition to the Valar themselves. He was also the first king who was unwilling to give up his throne voluntarily before his death, and to let himself die while he was still strong in mind and body. His reign is thus generally considered to constitute the beginning of Númenor's moral decline.

He was succeeded by his son, Tar-Ancalimon.