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Tar-Atanamir (Second Age 1800 – 2221, aged 421 years), known as "The Great", was the 13th King of Númenor. His name means "Jewel of Man". He succeeded his father, Tar-Ciryatan and ruled for 192 years, from 2029 until his death. He was the first King that refused to willingly give up the Sceptre to his heir. Thus every King afterwards did not renounce his reign, with the notable exception of Tar-Palantir.

Tar-Atanamir was also the first King to openly speak out against the Ban of the Valar, and to advocate opposition to the Valar themselves. His reign is thus generally considered to constitute the beginning of Númenor's moral decline.

He was succeeded by his son, Tar-Ancalimon.

Preceded by:
13th King of Númenor
II 2029 – 2221
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