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Tar-Minastir (1474 - 1873 S.A., r. 1691 - 1869 S.A.) was the 11th ruler of Númenor. He succeeded his aunt, Queen Tar-Telperiën. He was the grandson of King Tar-Súrion. His name means "Tower-watcher", which perhaps signifies "The Vigilant".

Sauron invaded Eriador from Calenardhon in 1695 and realms of Eregion fell. Sauron advanced to Lindon and Rivendell. In 1700 Tar-Minastir sent a navy under the command of Ciryatur, to save Lindon. Ciryatur's forces stopped Sauron's army at the river Gwathló; reinforcements from Lindon and Tharbad helped defeat Sauron at the Battle of Gwathló. Sauron retreated to Mordor in 1701 S.A.

From around the 1800s in the S.A., Númenóreans began establishing permanent settlements in Middle-earth, including Umbar.

He abdicated in 1869 S.A. and was succeeded by his son, Tar-Ciryatan.