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Biographical Information
TitlesKing of Númenor
LanguageAdûnaic, Sindarin and Quenya
BirthS.A. 1474
RuleS.A. 1731 - 1869 (138 years)
DeathS.A. 1873 (aged 399)
HouseHouse of Elros
Physical Description
Tar-Minastir (Second Age 1474 – 1873, aged 399 years) was the 11th King of Númenor, ruling for 138 years, from Second Age 1731 to 1869. Before becoming King he used the name Minastir. He succeeded his aunt, Queen Tar-Telperiën. Tar-Minastir was the grandson of King Tar-Súrion. His name meant "Tower Watcher", which he acquired after building a tall tower upon the hill of Oromet, near Andúnië, in order to gaze westwards.[1]

Sauron invaded Eriador from Calenardhon in S.A. 1695 and the realms of Eregion fell. He then advanced to Lindon and besieged Rivendell. In 1700 Tar-Minastir sent a navy under the command of Ciryatur to save Lindon. Ciryatur's forces stopped Sauron's army in the clash known as Battle of the Gwathló and reinforcements from Lindon and Tharbad helped defeat the enemy. Sauron retreated back to Mordor.[2]

Starting around the 1800s, the Númenóreans began establishing permanent settlements in Middle-earth, including the Haven of Umbar.[3]

Tar-Minastir abdicated in 1869 and was succeeded by his son, Tar-Ciryatan.[1]



Other Versions of the Legendarium

In The Tale of Years it is stated that Tar-Minastir sent a great navy from Númenor to Lindon in S.A. 1700.[3] This event and date are restated in The History of Galadriel and Celeborn, mentioning Tar-Minastir again.[2] Yet in The Line of Elros Tar-Telperiën is said to have lived to S.A. 1731 and not have given up the Sceptre until that time, which would mean she was the ruler of Númenor when the great navy was sent. Christopher Tolkien could not account for this discrepancy.[4]


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House of Elros
Born: S.A. 1474 Died: S.A. 1873
Preceded by:
11th King of Númenor
S.A. 1731 - 1869
Followed by: