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Biographical Information
BirthS.A. 1474
RuleS.A. 1731-1869 (138 years)
DeathS.A. 1873 (aged 399 years)
Physical Description

Tar-Minastir (Second Age 1474 – 1873, aged 399 years) was the 11th King of Númenor, ruling for 138 years, from Second Age 1731 to 1869. He succeeded his aunt, Queen Tar-Telperiën. Tar-Minastir was the grandson of King Tar-Súrion. His name meant "Tower Watcher".

Sauron invaded Eriador from Calenardhon in 1695 and realms of Eregion fell. Sauron advanced to Lindon and besieged Rivendell. In 1700 Tar-Minastir sent a navy under the command of Ciryatur to save Lindon. Ciryatur's forces stopped Sauron's army at the river Gwathló; reinforcements from Lindon and Tharbad helped defeat Sauron at the Battle of Gwathló. Sauron then retreated back to Mordor.

Starting around the 1800s, Númenóreans began establishing permanent settlements in Middle-earth, including the Haven of Umbar.

Tar-Minastir abdicated in 1869 and was succeded by his son, Tar-Ciryatan.

Preceded by:
11th King of Númenor
II 1731 – 1869
Followed by: