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Tar-Palantir (Second Age 3035 – 3255, aged 220 years) was the twenty-fourth King of Númenor, ruling for 78 years, from Second Age 3035 until his death. He was born Inziladûn ("Flower of the West" in Adûnaic), the son of Ar-Gimilzôr. His father was a bitter opponent of the Valar and the Elves, and had banished the speaking of Quenya in his realm. However, Inziladûn's mother, Inzilbêth, was secretly a member of the Faithful and taught her son to be an Elf-friend.

When Inziladûn took up the Sceptre it was a time of great darkness in Númenor. Ever since Tar-Atanamir, every King had spoken against the Valar and questioned the Ban. Inziladûn sought to repent the actions of his predecessors and took a Quenya name in the tradition of his ancestors: Tar-Palantir ("Far-sighted"). Once again the White Tree was tended and the Royal Court followed the ancient practices. There was no response from the Valar, however, and Tol Eressëa could no longer be seen from the Tower of Tar-Minastir.

Tar-Palantir perceived the destruction that would come to Númenor if its people drifted any farther from the will of the Valar. His daughter Míriel was named his official successor and would have followed his policies, but her rightful place as Queen of Númenor was usurped by her husband, Ar-Pharazôn.

Preceded by:
24th King of Númenor
II 3177 – 3255
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