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}}'''Tar-[[Súrion]]''' was the ninth [[King of Númenor]]. He was the third child of [[Tar-Anárion]].  
}}'''Tar-Súrion''' was the ninth [[King of Númenor]]. He was the third child of [[Tar-Anárion]].  

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Biographical Information
TitlesKing of Númenor
LanguageAdûnaic, Sindarin and Quenya
BirthS.A. 1174
RuleS.A. 1394 - 1556 (162 years)
DeathS.A. 1574 (aged 400)
HouseHouse of Elros
SiblingsTwo older sisters
ChildrenTar-Telperiën and Isilmo
Physical Description
Tar-Súrion was the ninth King of Númenor. He was the third child of Tar-Anárion.


Though each of his elder sisters had a claim on the Sceptre ahead of Súrion, their fear of the old Queen, their grandmother, Queen Tar-Ancalimë, meant that each of them refused to become their father's Heir, and so the Kingship of Númenor passed eventually to Tar-Súrion.

The history Tar-Súrion's 162 years reigning years was fated to be dominated by the female side of the royal line. Not only was his inheritance due to the actions of his grandmother and elder sisters, but his own eldest child was a daughter, who would reign in her own right as Tar-Telperiën, Númenor's second Ruling Queen after he gave up the thrown at the age of 382 years.


Preceded by:
9th King of Númenor
II 1394 – 1556
Followed by: