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Tar-Súrion ([[Second Age]] 1174 – 1574, aged 400 years) was the 9th [[King of Númenor]], ruling for 162 years, from 1394 to 1556. He was the third child of [[Tar-Anárion]], but both his sisters refused the [[Sceptre]] becuse their grandmother, [[Ruling Queen of Númenor|Queen]] [[Tar-Ancalimë]], did not allow them to marry.
Having ruled for 162 years, at the age of 382 years, he surrendered the Sceptre to his daughter [[Tar-Telperiën|Telperien]] who become the second [[Ruling Queen of Númenor]] as [[Tar-Telperiën]].
|list=9th [[King of Númenor]]<br><code>II</code> 1394 – 1556
[[Category:Rulers of Númenor]]

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