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| othernames=
| othernames=
| birth=[[Second Age 1174|S.A. 1174]]
| birth=[[Second Age 1174|S.A. 1174]]
| rule=[[Second Age 1394|S.A. 1394]]-[[Second Age 1556|1556]] (162 [[Years of the Sun|years]])
| rule=[[Second Age 1394|S.A. 1394]]-[[Second Age 1556|1556]] (162 years)
| death=[[Second Age 1574|S.A. 1574]]
| death=[[Second Age 1574|S.A. 1574]]
| age=400 years
| age=400 years

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Biographical Information
BirthS.A. 1174
RuleS.A. 1394-1556 (162 years)
DeathS.A. 1574 (aged 400 years)
SiblingsTwo older sisters
ChildrenTar-Telperiën, Isilmo
Physical Description

Tar-Súrion was the ninth King of Númenor. He was the third child of Tar-Anárion, but both his sisters refused the Sceptre because their grandmother, Queen Tar-Ancalimë, did not allow them to marry.

Having ruled for 162 years, at the age of 382 years, he surrendered the Sceptre to his daughter Telperiën who become the second Ruling Queen of Númenor as Tar-Telperiën.

Preceded by:
9th King of Númenor
II 1394 – 1556
Followed by: