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Tar-Telperiën (Second Age 1320 – 1731, aged 411 years) was the tenth ruler of Númenor and its second Ruling Queen, reigning for 175 years, from Second Age 1556 until her death.

She was the eldest child of King Tar-Súrion, and was a proud and willful ruler. What records we have of her reign state that she refused to wed, and so died without an heir. During her rule in Númenor, momentous events were taking place in Middle-earth; the Rings of Power were forged, Ost-in-Edhil was destroyed, and the War of the Elves and Sauron began. It was left to Tar-Telperiën's successor, Tar-Minastir, to react to these events.

Tar-Telperiën was succeeded by her nephew Minastir, the son of her younger brother Isilmo, who ruled as Tar-Minastir.

Preceded by:
10th Ruler of Númenor
(2nd Ruling Queen)
II 1556 – 1731
Followed by: