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Tar-Vanimeldë (Second Age 2277 – 2637, aged 360 years) was the daughter of Tar-Telemmaitë and the sixteenth Ruler of Númenor; the third and last Ruling Queen. She reigned for 111 years, from Second Age 2526 until her death.

Tar-Vanimeldë gave little thought to the practicalities of government, preferring music and dancing. The day-to-day affairs of state she left to her husband Herucalmo, who was of noble descent himself, and who effectively ruled Númenor while his wife held the Sceptre.

When she died, her son Alcarin should have taken up the Sceptre, but Herucalmo refused to give up his power. Instead, though he had no legal claim to the throne, he took the name Tar-Anducal and ruled as King for the next twenty years. After Herucalmo's death, the line passed back to its rightful heir, his son, who became Tar-Alcarin.

Preceded by:
16th Ruler of Númenor
(3rd Ruling Queen)
II 2526 – 2637
Followed by: