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Taum Santoski

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Taum J.R. Santoski (1958 - August 19, 1991, aged 32) was a prominent member of the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship. He assisted Christopher Tolkien with the History of Middle-earth series,[1] and planned to do a similar book on the writing process of The Hobbit himself, but died of cancer before he could finish it. The work was continued and published by John D. Rateliff.





  • Vinyar Tengwar 19 was dedicated to his memory, and featured an editiorial In Memoriam by Patrick H. Wynne, in which his perseverance, generosity and enthuisiasm were praised.
  • Vinyar Tengwar 24 was dedicated to him in recognition on his work on Adûnaic and in assisting Christopher Tolkien with the History of Middle-earth.


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