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* [[2010]]: ''[[Beyond the Western Seas]]'' (album cover art)
* [[2010]]: ''[[Beyond the Western Seas]]'' (album cover art)
* [[2011]]: [[Mallorn 52|''Mallorn'' 52]] (cover art)
* [[2011]]: [[Mallorn 52|''Mallorn'' 52]] (cover art)
* [[2012]]: ''[[Green Suns and Faëire]]'' (cover art)
* [[2012]]: ''[[Green Suns and Faërie]]'' (cover art)
* [[2012]]: [[Mallorn 53|''Mallorn'' 53]] (cover art)
* [[2013]]: [[Mallorn 54|''Mallorn'' 54]] (cover art)
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[[Category:People by name]]
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[[Category:Tolkien Society members]]
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[[fi:Ted Nasmith]]

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"...It is a long tale..." — Aragorn
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Ted Nasmith.jpg
Ted Nasmith
Biographical information
Born1956, Goderich, Ontario, Canada
StyleLuminism, Victorian neoclassical
ImagesImages by Ted Nasmith
LocationToronto, Canada

Ted Nasmith is a Canadian artist who has done a tremendous amount of work involving Tolkien's masterpieces.


Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings

Many fans of Ted Nasmith have expressed disappointment in his lack of involvement in The Lord of the Rings (film series).

"I was contacted by a producer in early '99. They invited me to be there with the others in New Zealand to help with conceptual art, and made me a nice offer. However, I was going through a personal crisis unrelated to my art, and in the end, being that it would also force me to abandon my freelance obligations and be away indefinitely, I reluctantly declined, settling the question in my mind after very careful deliberation. It was a difficult decision."
― Ted Nasmith [1]

One fan has created a website known as Ted Nasmith: The Uncredited Lord of the Rings Films Concept Artist. The website displays side-by-side illustrations by Nasmith with later scenes in The Lord of the Rings films. Peter Jackson was inspired by Nasmith - as Alan Lee described:

""[T]here were certain pictures of Ted's that Peter quite liked. He actually bought one of Nasmith's originals --- a very striking picture of Mordor""
― Alan Lee [2]


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