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Telchar was a Dwarf of Nogrod in the Blue Mountains, and one of the greatest smiths in the history of Middle-earth.


Telchar was trained by Gamil Zirak, another great smith.[1] Among his works were Angrist (the knife that freed the Silmaril from the Iron Crown),[2] Narsil (the sword of Elendil, later reforged for Aragorn as Andúril),[3] and the Dragon-helm of Dor-lómin.[1]


In is not defined whether the name Telchar is Sindarin or Khuzdul and its meaning.

The formation seems to suggest to be Sindarin[4] since the digraph ch is not used in Khuzdul by Tolkien[5]. A suggested meaning and etymology is "royal stem" in Sindarin[6]

The book An Introduction to Elvish notes a resemblance with the Telchines of Greek mythology, a mythological race of divine craftsmen.


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