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Telcontar was the name of the royal house established in the Reunited Kingdom by Aragorn Elessar after the War of the Ring. The name Telcontar is a translation into Elvish of Aragorn's common nickname in the north; 'Strider'.

[Pippin exclaimed] "'Strider! How splendid! Do you know, I guessed it was you the black ships. . . How did you do it?'

"Aragorn laughed. . . But Imrahil said to Éomer 'Is it thus that we speak to our kings? Yet maybe he will wear his crown in some other name!'

"And Aragorn hearing him, turned and said: 'Verily, for in the high tongue of old I am Elessar. . . But Strider shall be the name of my house, if that be ever established. In the high tongue it will not sound so ill, and Telcontar I will be and all the heirs of my body.'"
-The Lord of the Rings, The Houses of Healing