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'''Teleporno''' is a [[Telerin]] name meaning "Silver-high"<ref>{{HM|PM}} p.347</ref>
'''Teleporno''' is a [[Telerin]] name meaning "Silver-high"<ref>{{HM|PM}} p.347</ref>

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Teleporno is a Telerin name meaning "Silver-high"[1]



The name is composed of telepe and orno (Primitive Elvish ornâ "uprising, tall")


Other versions of the legendarium

Originally, Tolkien intended Sindarin Celeborn to mean "Silver-tree", but the etymology "Silver-tall" appears in Tolkien's latest philological writings[2].

Celeborn, was said in some of the last writings to be a Teler of Valinor named Teleporno, meaning silver-tree. In these later writings, he journeyed from Valinor with Galadriel. Because in these late writings he was a prince of the Teleri, it is possible that he was a son or grandson of Olwë.


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