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Telerin was word used to refer to the tongues of any Elf-people that are of Lindar origin but is best reserved for the language of the Teleri that came to Valinor, the Falmari[1]; it is a tongue related to both Quenya and Sindarin.

It is also called Lindalambe or Lindárin.


In Aman the speakers of Telerin outnumbered the speakers of Quenya, much as did the Teleri outnumber the Vanyar and Noldor.

From the viewpoint of speakers of Quenya, Telerin was a closely related language still largely intelligible.[2] However, the phonology of the two languages differed much, with Telerin often being more conservative than Quenya.

Finarfin is said to have learned Telerin. He also gave his sons Telerin-influenced Quenya names.

The coexistence with the Teleri, made the Noldor to differientate themselves from the speech of the Vanyar. For example the Vanyar pronounced /f/ very soft, almost like /hw/, but the Noldor resisted this change through influence from the Teleri.[3]

Also, the Teleri prized silver above gold, and their skill as silversmiths was esteemed even by the Noldor who seemed to prefer the Telerin word telpe "silver" intead the Quenya form tyelpë[4]


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