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'Warrior of the Sky', another name of the constellation Menelmacar or Orion.

Behind this name lies an early story about Vala named Telimektar, son of Tulkas, who apparently was conversed into the constellation of Orion. Apart from the story of Telimektar (q. v.) there are two mentions of Telumehtar the Constellation:

1) In the Appendix E I of The Lord of the Rings the name is quoted as an example of the pronunciation of the consonant H with a reference to Orion, explained in a footnote: "usually called in Sindarin Menelvagor, --- Q[uenya] Menelmacar".

2) In a note in The War of the Jewels 411, with the translation 'Warrior of the Sky', as an older name for Menelmakil, that is: Orion.

On the etymology of the name, see Appendix 1 in the article Telimektar.