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Main works
The History of Middle-earth
  1. LT1 = The Book of Lost Tales Part 1 - now superseded by Template:LT1, q.v.
  2. LT2 = The Book of Lost Tales Part 2 - now superseded by Template:LT2, q.v.
  3. LB = The Lays of Beleriand - now superseded by Template:LB, q.v.
  4. SM = The Shaping of Middle-earth - now superseded by Template:SM, q.v.
  5. LR = The Lost Road and Other Writings - now superseded by Template:LR, q.v.
  6. RS = The Return of the Shadow - now superseded by Template:RS, q.v.
  7. TI = The Treason of Isengard
  8. WR = The War of the Ring - now superseded by Template:WR, q.v.
  9. SD = Sauron Defeated - now superseded by Template:SD, q.v.
  10. MR = Morgoth's Ring - now superseded by Template:MR, q.v.
  11. WJ = The War of the Jewels - now superseded by Template:WJ and Template:GA, q.v.
  12. PM = The Peoples of Middle-earth - now superseded by Template:PM, q.v.
  13. IX = Index
The History of The Hobbit
  1. MB = Mr. Baggins
  2. RB = Return to Bag End
Other references
  1. L = The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien - now superseded by Template:L, q.v.
  2. N = "Nomenclature of The Lord of the Rings" in Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull (eds), The Lord of the Rings: A Reader's Companion