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This template is a more advanced version of Template:Sequence, which this template is designed to eventually replace. This template cannot be used by itself and must be combined with Template:Seq-start and Template:Seq-end (the use of Template:Seq-head is optional). Usage is as follows:

| prow=
| prev=
| list=
| dates=
| next=
| nrow=

prow, defines the number of separate uses of Seq you would like prev to span (an example at Isildur). If not used, leave blank.
prev, the previous title holder. (Leave blank if you're using prow elsewhere.)
list, the title.
dates, the dates the title was held
next, the following title-holder. (Leave blank if you're using nrow elsewhere.)
nrow, as with prow, used for when the next spans multiple titles (example at Aragorn II). If not used, leave blank.