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"...there is much else that may be told." — Glóin
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{{Rohirrim (Éothéod or Eorlingas) | image=250px | name=Aragorn II | name root=From Anglo-Saxon meaning "People" and "Counsel" ) | position=Prince of Rohan + Second Marshall of the Mark | birth=Third Age 2978 | rule=Slain before his succsession | death=Third Age 3019 | gender=Male | parentage=Theoden (17th king of Rohan + Elfhild (died at Theodred's birth)

Théodred (T.A. 2978-3019) was the only son and heir of King Théoden of Rohan. His mother, Elfhild, died in childbirth.

Little else is known about Théodred, except that he loved Éomer like a brother, and the only person he loved more than Éomer was his father, Théoden.

Théodred held the title of Second Marshal of the Mark, though he was slain in the First Battle of the Fords of Isen defending the islet in the middle of the ford. With no siblings, this meant making his cousin, Éomer, heir to the throne of Rohan.


Théodred's name is probably taken from the Anglo-Saxon words "þeod" ("folk", "people", "nation") and "ræd" ("counsel").

Portrayal in the Movies

In Peter Jackson's The Two Towers, the death of Théodred is a major event early in the movie, whereas, in the book, it has all happened by the time we come to Rohan.