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Physical Description
LocationNorth of Ascar, East/South of Gelion/Greater Gelion, West of Ered Luin
General Information
Other namesTalath Rhúnen, Dor Caranthir
EventsBattle of the Gelion-Ascar Stockade

Thargelion was a region of Beleriand, east of the river Gelion. It was north of the river Ascar, and therefore not counted as part of Ossiriand.

After the Rebellion of the Noldor this was the land of Caranthir, one of the Sons of Fëanor, and after him it was often called Dor Caranthir.

The Haladin briefly dwelt here until they were nearly wiped out in an Orc-raid.

[edit] Etymology

Thargelion is a Sindarin name, consising of thar- ("across, over") + Gelion.[1]


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