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'''Sociedade de Tolkien Brasileira''' (original name honoring the Tolkien Society (UK) Brazilian Tolkien Society wich obviously is translated to Brazilian Portuguese like the title of this page; often abbreviated to STB or BTS) is a Tolkien Society in Brazil, founded in November, 16th, 1997 and on the Internet in 1999/2000.<ref>{{webcite|author=|articleurl=|articlename=Sociedade de Tolkien Brasileira|dated=|website=|accessed=16 February 2012}}</ref><br>
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'''Sociedade de Tolkien Brasileira''' (Brazilian: '''Brazilian Tolkien Society'''), abbreviated STB or BTS, is a Tolkien Society in Brazil. It was founded on [[16 November]] [[1997]].
Since the foundation of STB (BTS) our works are maintaining and spreading the words, thoughts and works of teh Professor J.R.R. Tolkien everywhere, everytime non stop! Unfortunetely our website was hacked in 2009/2010 and all our data bank with thousands of information, pictures, games and many other resources was lost.<br><br> We decided to stay out of the internet for a long time, but we have reconsidered this decision in october 2010, and now we are back once more on the Internet and now we are participating of many other social midia networks suchs as Facebook Fan Page <ref>{{webcite|author=|articleurl=|articlename=Facebook fan page|dated=|website=FB|accessed=16 February 2012}}</ref>, Facebook Profile <ref>{{webcite|author=|articleurl=|articlename=Facebook profile|dated=|website=FB|accessed=16 February 2012}}</ref>, Facebook Open Group <ref>{{webcite|author=|articleurl=|articlename=Facebook group|dated=|website=FB|accessed=16 February 2012}}</ref>, Twitter <ref>{{webcite|author=|articleurl=|articlename=Twitter profile|dated=|website=Twitter|accessed=16 February 2012}}</ref> and Youtube Channel <ref>{{webcite|author=|articleurl=http://www;|articlename=Youtube channel|dated=|website=Youtube|accessed=16 February 2012}}</ref>
== External links ==
* '''[ Official website]'''
* [ Sociedade de Tolkien Brasileira] at FaceBook
* [!/stbtolkien Sociedade de Tolkien Brasileira] at Twitter
* [ Sociedade de Tolkien Brasileira] at YouTube
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Sociedade de Tolkien Brasileira (Brazilian: Brazilian Tolkien Society), abbreviated STB or BTS, is a Tolkien Society in Brazil. It was founded on 16 November 1997.

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