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The Brothers Hildebrandt

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File:Greg Hildebrandt.jpg
Photograph of Greg Hildebrandt.

Brothers Hildebrandt (1939-?) are a team of twin brothers, Greg and Tim Hildebrandt who have illustrated numerous Tolkien-inspired pieces of art. Their first breakthrough was when they were signed on to illustrate the 1976 Ballantine calendar based on The Lord of the Rings. They continued illustrating the calendars for two years, their 1978 calendar sold over a million copies, a record. Throughout the decades continued to work on their illustrations related to Arda among other prospects. In 2001 they released the most complete collection of Hildebrandt art in one book, known as Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, The Tolkien Years. Following the release of the collection they began to reissue their popular Tolkien Calendars starting in 2002.

File:Tim Hildebrandt.jpg
Photograph of Tim Hildebrandt.

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