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The Children of Húrin Release Party

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The Children of Húrin Release Party was an online event which took place around the release date of The Children of Húrin. The party was located on It was organized by Tolkien Gateway and


For those who are familiar with IRC, you can use your preferred client to connect to through the default port. We suggest X-Chat. For everyone else, just click one of the links below:

For those of you using Firefox there is an easy solution to enter the chat. Please install the add-on Chatzilla. After installing you just type in this link into your URL bar on top of Firefox: irc:// Chatzilla will automatically open and lead you directly to the chat.


More prizes coming soon!


  • Win the Houghton Mifflin Deluxe edition of The Children of Hurin by Alan Lee and Christopher Tolkien. Just fill out this formand enter "DELUXE EDITION" as the code and "HOUGHTON MIFFLIN" as the answer. Contest will run from May 16th 2007 to May 30th 2007.


Submit your own questions to ask the Guests
More guests coming soon!


  • Trivia
  • Hangman
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Audio streams
  • Music streams
  • Live news and images from the NYC launch