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The Children of Húrin Release Party/Schedule

GMT EST Sunday (15th) Monday (16th) Tuesday (17th) Wednesday (18th)
0:00 8:00pm (prev. day)
1:00 9:00pm (prev. day)
2:00 10:00pm (prev. day) Michael Drout
3:00 11:00pm (prev. day)
4:00 12:00am Diana Glyer
5:00 1:00am
6:00 2:00am
7:00 3:00am
8:00 4:00am
9:00 5:00am
10:00 6:00am
11:00 7:00am
12:00 8:00am
13:00 9:00am Marcel Bülles
14:00 10:00am Michaël Devaux
15:00 11:00am Nils Ivar Agøy
16:00 12:00pm Mark T. Hooker Turbine
17:00 1:00pm John Garth
18:00 2:00pm Verlyn Flieger James Dunning
19:00 3:00pm
20:00 4:00pm Johan Vanhecke Roger Garland
21:00 5:00pm Jef Murray
22:00 6:00pm Michael Martinez Matt Blessing
23:00 7:00pm