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{{DEFAULTSORT:History of Middle-earth Index, The}}
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[[Category:Books by J.R.R. Tolkien]]

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The History of Middle-earth Index
AuthorJ.R.R. Tolkien
EditorChristopher Tolkien; compiled by Helen Armstrong
Released5 August 2002[1]
SeriesThe History of Middle-earth
Preceded byThe Peoples of Middle-earth

The History of Middle-earth Index is a complete index of the indices from all 12 volumes of The History of Middle-earth. The volume was compiled by Helen Armstrong.



Noted by the users of Tolkien Gateway.

  • Page 28 (entry for Atanamir): [for] Tar-Atanamtr [read] Tar-Atanamir.
  • Page 123 (entry for Elenarda): [for] *2423 [read] *242-3.
  • Page 180 (entry for Gartharian): [for] Gartharian [read] Garthúrian
  • Page 191: [for] Gochnessiel [read] Gochressiel
  • Page 270 (entry for Lindon): [The form Lindónë appears in the index, while the form Lindóne is used in the text.]
  • Page 326: [for] Nen Cenednil [read] Nen Cenedril
  • Page 330 (entry for Nimphelos): [for] 10 [read] 11.


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