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The Hunt for Gollum (soundtrack)

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The Hunt for Gollum is the soundtrack to The Hunt for Gollum. The soundtrack was composed by Adam Langston and Andrew Skrabutenas, based on music by Howard Shore and Clint Mansell. It was released for free on the internet.


# Title Length
1. "Prologue"    
2. "Hunt for Gollum Theme"    
3. "First steps"    
4. "The Vision"    
5. "Ancient Bloodline"    
6. "Crossing the Mountains"    
7. "The Road is Long"    
8. "Arithir the Ranger"    
9. "Finding Gollum"    
10. "Aragorn and Gollum"    
11. "Orcs Approaching"    
12. "Athelas and the Evenstar"    
13. "The Nazgûl of Dol Guldur"    
14. "The Elves of Mirkwood"    
15. "Frodo must be protected"    
16. "Aragorn's Quest (Trailer 1)"