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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - The Complete Recordings

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The Return of the King Complete Recordings is a deluxe five-disc soundtrack for Peter Jackson's The Return of the King which will be released on November 20th, 2007 by Howard Shore and released by Reprise/WMG Soundtracks. The set will contain 3 hours and 50 inutes of music on four CDs. New artwork, packaging, and liner notes by Doug Adams will be included. Disc 5 is a DVD containing the entire four CDs in surround sound.


London Philharmonic Orchestra, The London Voices, The London Oratory School Schola featuring vocal performances by Annie Lennox, Renée Fleming, Sissel, Ben Del Maestro and cast members Billy Boyd, Liv Tyler, Viggo Mortensen, and Dominic Monaghan. The score also features solos performed by renowned flautist Sir James Galway.

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