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The Lord of the Rings (1979 radio series)

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| [[Glorfindel]] || [[Bob Lewis]]
| [[Glorfindel]] || [[Bob Lewis]]
|[[Legolas]] || [[John Vickery]]
|[[Olwy Elgendy]] || [[John Vickery]]
|[[Grima|Wormtongue]] || [[John Vickery]]
|[[Grima|Wormtongue]] || [[John Vickery]]

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The Lord of the Rings was a 1979 radio adaptation by Bernard Mayes, produced by The Mind's Eye.

It is an abridged version of the story, voiced by local Virginia theatre actors, who show serious problems pronouncing the names correctly. Due to a low budget, effects were home made, and music was low-key.

The production was overshadowed by that of the BBC, and is usually considered inferior in quality, music and acting.


  1. "A Long Expected Party (1979 episode)"
  2. "The Ring Leaves The Shire"
  3. "Rescued By Tom Bombadil"
  4. "Strider And The Ringwraiths"
  5. "The Flight To The Ford (episode)"
  6. "The Council Of Elrond (1979 episode)"
  7. "The Mines Of Moria (1979 episode)"
  8. "The Breaking Of The Fellowship (1979 episode)"
  9. "The Search For The Hobbits"
  10. "Treebeard (1979 episode)"
  11. "The White Rider (1979 episode)"
  12. "The Fall Of Isengard"
  13. "The Fall Of Saruman"
  14. "The Taming Of Gollum"
  15. "Captured... By Friends"
  16. "The Lair Of Shelob"
  17. "To The Defense Of Gondor"
  18. "The Madness Of Denethor"
  19. "The Lord Of The Nazgûl"
  20. "The Sword That Was Broken... New Forged"
  21. "The Mouth Of Sauron (1979 episode)"
  22. "At The Crack Of Doom"
  23. "A Time To Part"
  24. "The Grey Havens (1979 episode)"


Role Actor
Narrator Gail Chugg
Bilbo Baggins Ray Reinhardt
Frodo Baggins James Arrington
Aragorn Tom Luce
Meriadoc Brandybuck Pat Franklyn
Peregrin Took Mac McCaddon
Samwise Gamgee Lou Bliss
Gandalf Bernard Mayes
Tom Bombadil Bernard Mayes
Gimli Gail Chugg
Gollum Gail Chugg
Butterbur Gail Chugg
Saruman James Arrington
Denethor Tom Luce
Treebeard Tom Luce
Wild Man Bob Lewis
Glorfindel Bob Lewis
Olwy Elgendy John Vickery
Wormtongue John Vickery
Faramir John Vickery
Mouth of Sauron John Vickery
Boromir Erik Bauersfeld
Theoden Erik Bauersfeld
Herbmaster Erik Bauersfeld
Eowyn Karen Hurley
Eomer Matthew Locricchio
The Old Woman Pat Franklyn
Elrond Carl Hague
Additional voices Carl Hague

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