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The Lord of the Rings (50th Anniversary Edition)

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==Changes to the text==
==Changes to the text==
*Several dates in the [[Appendix B|Tale of Years]] have been corrected.
:*[[Bandobras Took]] now is the grandson of [[Isengrim Took II]] according to [[Appendix C]].
:*The [[Westmarch]] was added to the Shire in {{SR|1452}} according to [[Appendix B]].
;[[Appendix A]]
:*Haudh en Gwanur becomes [[Haudh in Gwanûr]].
;Several dates in the [[Appendix B|Tale of Years]]:
:*[[Silmariën]]'s birth: from {{SA|458}} to {{SA|521}}.
:*The events of {{TA|2852}}, like the death of the [[Dead Tree]], have been corrected to {{TA|2872}}.
:*[[Sam Gamgee]]'s birth: from {{TA|2963}} to {{TA|2980}}
:*The [[Mirror of Galadriel]] sequence happened on [[15 February]] intead of [[16 February|16]].
== External links ==
== External links ==

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The Lord of the Rings (50th Anniversary Edition)
The Lord of the Rings (50th Anniversary Edition).jpg
AuthorJ.R.R. Tolkien
PublisherHoughton Mifflin
ReleasedOctober 21st, 2004

The Lord of the Rings (50th Anniversary Edition) was published October 21st, 2004 by Houghton Mifflin.


  • Leather Bound
  • Slipcase
  • Gilded pages
  • Two fold-out maps
  • Ribbon bookmark
  • Colored inserts of the Book of Mazarbul by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Dimensions 15.7 x 10 x 2.7 inches
  • Weight 4.6 pounds

Changes to the text

Appendix A
Several dates in the Tale of Years
"...there is much else that may be told." — Glóin
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