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The Lord of the Rings Online Loot Bag

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The Lord of the Rings Online Loot Bag is a digital upgrade for The Lord of the Rings Online. The Loot Bag contains the ten in-game items that were previously released.

List of Items[1]

  • Bree Horse (in-game horse for level 25 and above)
  • Ring of Agility (+3 agility)
  • Ranger’s Cloak (+42 armour, +5% out of combat run speed boost)
  • Waybread of Imladris (Removes wound and poison effects. Restores power, heals damage, and increases morale and power regeneration)
  • Scented Hope Candles 5x (+10 Radiance)
  • Lucky Horseshoe (+5 fate, with an additional +5 fate when activated)
  • Cloak of Durin’s Crown (+42 armor, +120 non-combat morale regen)
  • Resist Acid Potion 5x (+100 Acid defence for 21 minutes)
  • Pesky Dormouse (Housing decoration, this mouse exits his hole to look around your house)
  • Ore-miner’s helm (Cosmetic head wear)



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