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*August 9-10, Athens, Greece, Herodion
*August 9-10, Athens, Greece, Herodion
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Following the theatrical release of The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy, Howard Shore reworked the film scores of the trilogy into a more structured six-movement work for orchestra and choir, loosely titled The Lord of the Rings Symphony.

It has been performed in various concert halls around the world, accompanied by a light and visual art show by Alan Lee and John Howe. Recordings of the symphony have yet to be released.

Tour dates


  • June 3-5, Atlanta, GA, Atlanta Symphony Hall
  • July 1-2, Houston, TX, Jones Hall
  • July 13, Philadelphia, PA, Mann Center
  • July 15-17, Seattle, WA, S.Mark Taper Auditorium/Benaroya Hall
  • July 29-31, Pittsburgh, PA, Heinz Hall
  • September 18-19, Hartford, CT, Mortensen Hall
  • October 8-9, Chicago, IL, Auditorium Theatre
  • October 12, Milwaukee, WI
  • December 3-4, Newark, NJ,


  • August 9-10, Athens, Greece, Herodion