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The One Ring (Facebook application)

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* '''[ Official website]'''
* '''[ Official website]'''
* '''[ Facebook application]''' (requires membership)
* '''[ Facebook application]''' (requires membership)
[[Category:Online video games]]
[[Category:Online video games]]

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The name The One Ring refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see The One Ring (disambiguation).
The One Ring
Video game
Release dateNovember 6, 2009

The One Ring is a licensed game produced by Microcosm Games. It is published as a Facebook application.

[edit] Overview

Players take on the role of any of several heroes from The Lord of the Rings. As the game progresses, their character will grow in power, improving their abilities, gaining companions, and finding new equipment.

[edit] Cast and Crew

Actor Role
Paul Owens Narrator, Bilbo Baggins, Tom Bombadil, Théoden
James Beaumont Unspecified
Donna Griffiths Unspecified
Steve Northy Unspecified

Game content written by John Davis, music by Helen Trevellion, Chris Knowles and Ben Walker.

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