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The One Ring (Facebook application)

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"The hour is late in the Third Age of Middle-earth. Sauron’s reach grows long, and he seeks to cover the earth in a second darkness. Yet there is still hope, as long there remain those with courage enough to do what is right. And perhaps through your actions you can turn back the tide of darkness, bring peace to the war-torn land. So not all hope is lost. But choose your path wisely, for the fate of the world lies heavy on your shoulders."


The One Ring™ is an exciting new Facebook game of heroic combat and adventure, created by Microcosm Game. It allows you to explore the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth. Take on the role of one of the heroes of The Lord of the Rings, and join in the struggle against Sauron!

Players take on the role of a Hero from Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, such as Aragorn or Legolas. And to begin with, this Hero will be relatively inexperienced. However, as they travel the world, seeking out adventure and battling the forces of darkness, they will grow in power, improving their abilities, gaining Companions, and finding new equipment.

There is no single way to win The One Ring; rather there are many paths to victory. Some are harder than others, and only the greatest Hero can win them all!

The One Ring™ is an officially-licensed game based on The Lord of the Rings™ trilogy, available on the Facebook® Platform.

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