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The Return of the Ring

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==Confirmed Guests==
==Confirmed Guests==
*[[Tom Shippey]]
*[[Ted Nasmith]]
*Kate Madison, director of ''[[Born of Hope]]''
*[[Brian Sibley]]
|File:Tom Shippey.jpg|'''[[Tom Shippey]]''' <br/>Tolkien polemic. Author, ''[[The Road to Middle-earth]]''
*[[Verlyn Flieger]]
|File:Ted Nasmith.jpg|'''[[Ted Nasmith]]''' <br/>Renowned Tolkien artist
*[[Corey Olsen]]
|File:Awaiting image|'''[[Kate Madison]]''' <br/>Director, producer and actor of ''[[Born of Hope]]''
*[[Jef Murray]]
|File:Brian Sibley.jpg|'''[[Brian Sibley]]''' <br/>Author and screenwriter
*[[John Garth]]
|File:Verlyn Flieger.jpg|'''[[Verlyn Flieger]]''' <br/>Academic and author
*[[Colin Duriez]]
|File:Corey olsen.jpg|'''[[Corey Olsen]]''' <br/>Podcaster and professor
*Chris Bouchard, director of ''[[The Hunt for Gollum]]''
|File:Jef Murray.jpg|'''[[Jef Murray]]''' <br/>Artist and illustrator
*[[Bob Blackham]]
|File:John garth.jpg|'''[[John Garth]]''' <br/>Author, ''[[Tolkien and the Great War]]''
*[[Dimitra Fimi]]
|File:Colin duriez.JPG|'''[[Colin Duriez]]''' <br/>Author and [[Inklings]] scholar
*[[Jason Fisher]]
|File:Awaiting image|'''[[Chris Bouchard]]''' <br/>Director and producer of ''[[The Hunt for Gollum]]''
*[[Henry Gee]]
|File:Awaiting image|'''[[Robert S. Blackham|Bob Blackham]]''' <br/>Author of ''[[The Roots of Tolkien's Middle-earth]]''
|File:Dimitra Fimi.jpg|'''[[Dimitra Fimi]]''' <br/>Author and lecturer in myth and folklore
|File:Jason Fisher.jpg|'''[[Jason Fisher]]''' <br/>Blogger, author and editor of ''[[Mythprint]]''
|File:HenryGee.jpg|'''[[Henry Gee]]''' <br/>Author, ''[[The Science of Middle-earth]]''
==External Links==
==External Links==

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Return of the Ring.png
The Return of the Ring
LocationLoughborough University, England
OrganizerThe Tolkien Society
Dates16-20 August 2012

The Return of the Ring is a large convention hosted by The Tolkien Society after the success of Tolkien 2005. It will be held on 16-20 August 2012 in order to coincide with the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London.


  • Academic streams (two or three in lecture theatres): lectures, panels, visual presentations, etc.
  • Creative stream: hand-on doing things, workshops and the like.
  • Fandom stream: anything that is inspired through fandom.
  • Dealers’ Room: there is a good sized room for the dealers on the ground floor with space for signings.
  • Art Show: we have a nice light, airy room to display art to good advantage.
  • Bar and hospitality facilities: a large bar in a central area on the ground floor and a caffeteria [sic] on the first floor.
  • Child-friendly activities for younger people with their parents (we won’t be providing child minding or a crèche)
  • Tours: we're planning to repeat the popular coach trips to Birmingham and Oxford, and possibly elsewhere too.''

Confirmed Guests

Tom Shippey
Tolkien polemic. Author, The Road to Middle-earth  
Ted Nasmith
Renowned Tolkien artist  
Kate Madison
Director, producer and actor of Born of Hope  
Brian Sibley
Author and screenwriter  
Verlyn Flieger
Academic and author  
Corey Olsen
Podcaster and professor  
Jef Murray
Artist and illustrator  
Colin Duriez
Author and Inklings scholar  
Chris Bouchard
Director and producer of The Hunt for Gollum  
Dimitra Fimi
Author and lecturer in myth and folklore  
Jason Fisher
Blogger, author and editor of Mythprint  

External Links