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The Wobbit: A Parody (Of Tolkien's The Hobbit)
The Wobbit.png
AuthorPaul A. Erickson
IllustratorBenjamin Chandler
Released6 May 2011
FormatE-book (Amazon Kindle)

The Wobbit is a parody of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit.

From the publisher

A parody of JRR Tolkien’s fantasy prequel masterpiece, The Wobbit A Parody (Of The Hobbit) is a tale of low-to-medium adventure with plenty of cheap laughs.

The quest begins when thirteen dwarf bankers go in search of the dragon who stole their deposits and ate their borrowers. They visit a former employee and hire him back as a contractor: former teller Bulbo Bunkins (who would rather be enjoying a cocktail in his recliner.) Bulbo surprises the dwarves with his ability to “think outside the strong-box,” like when he points out that none of the dwarves have brought swords with on their dragon-slaying mission. Encounters with gourmet trolls, wiseguy goblins, resort-keeper elves, deadly but comforting giant spiders, and the egocentric dragon, Smug, are just a few of the adventures that Bulbo puts up with. Finally, when he thinks things can't get any worse, he finds himself making a guest appearance at the Battle Of Six Or Seven Armies.

The author hopes that Bulbo Bunkins soon takes a place among the immortal characters of parody literature, like The Tick and Scrooge McDuck. Written by an actual unemployed banker, The Wobbit A Parody (Of The Hobbit) will, with any luck at all, earn enough money to make his return to banking unnecessary.

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