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Third Age 1248

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*[[Rómendacil II]] of [[Gondor]] strikes a decisive blow to the [[Easterlings]] with the aid of [[Vidugavia]]; he also forms a strong alliance with [[Rhovanion]], to which he cedes all the lands east of [[Anduin]].
* King [[Rómendacil II|Minalcar]] of [[Gondor]] - with the aid of [[Vidugavia]], King of [[Rhovanion (Realm)|Rhovanion]] - leads a great force of troops and defeats the Easterlings in the lands between [[Rhovanion (Region)|Rhovanion]] and the [[Sea of Rhûn|Inland Sea]]. All [[Easterlings|Easterling]] camps and settlements east of the Inland Sea are destroyed.<ref name="AppA">{{App|Gondor}}</ref>
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* [[Kings of Gondor|King]] Minalcar takes the name [[Rómendacil II]] (''East-victor'') in celebration of his great victory over the Easterlings.<ref name="AppA">{{App|Gondor}}</ref>
* About this time, the western shores of the [[Anduin]] are fortified and the pillars of the [[Argonath]] are erected at the entrance to [[Nen Hithoel]].<ref name="AppA">{{App|Gondor}}</ref>
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