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Third Age 2866

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* Birth of [[Thorin Stonehelm|Thorin the Third]], son of [[Dáin Ironfoot]].
* Birth of [[Thorin Stonehelm|Thorin III]], son of [[Kings of Durin's Folk|King]] [[Dáin II Ironfoot]].<ref>{{App|Durin}}</ref>
* Birth of [[Angelimir]], son of [[Aglahad]], [[Prince of Dol Amroth]].
* Birth of [[Angelimir]], son of [[Aglahad]], [[Prince of Dol Amroth]].<ref>{{PM|Elendil}}, The Line of Dol Amroth, p. 223</ref>
[[Category:Third Age years]]
[[Category:Third Age years|2, Third Age 2866]]

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