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Third Age 2930

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* [[Arador]] slain by [[Trolls]].  
* [[Chieftains of the Dúnedain|Chieftain]] of the [[Dúnedain of Arnor|Dúnedain]] [[Arador]] slain by [[Trolls]].<ref name="North">{{App|North}}</ref>
* Birth of [[Denethor II]] son of [[Ecthelion II]] in [[Minas Tirith]].
* [[Arathorn II]], the son of Arador, becomes fifteenth Chieftain.<ref name="North"/>
* Birth of [[Denethor II]], son of [[Ruling Steward|Steward]] [[Ecthelion II]] of [[Gondor]].<ref>{{PM|Elendil}}, p. 206</ref>
* Death of [[Thain]] [[Isengrim Took III]], who died childless.<ref name="Took">{{App|Took}}</ref>
* [[The Lord of the Rings]], [[The Return of the King]], [[Appendix B]]
* [[Isumbras Took IV]], second son of [[Gerontius Took]] and [[Adamanta Chubb]], becomes the twenty-eighth Thain of [[the Shire]].<ref name="Took"/>
[[Category:Third Age years]]
[[Category:Third Age years|2, Third Age 2930]]

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