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* [[Atanatar I]], [[Kings of Gondor|King of Gondor]], dies.<ref name="AppA1">{{App|South}}</ref>
* Death of [[Kings of Gondor|King]] [[Atanatar I]] of [[Gondor]].<ref name="AppA1">{{App|South}}</ref>
* [[Siriondil of Gondor|Siriondil]] becomes King of [[Gondor]].<ref name="AppA1">{{App|South}}</ref>
* [[Atanatar I]]'s son, [[Siriondil (King of Gondor)|Siriondil]], becomes the eleventh [[Kings of Gondor|King]] of [[Gondor]].<ref name="AppA1">{{App|South}}</ref>
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[[Category:Third Age years|0, Third Age 0748]]

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