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Second Age
Year Event
1 Foundation of the Grey Havens, and of Lindon
30 Númenor is raised
32 Edain and a few Drúedain reach Númenor, Elros Tar-Minyatur takes Sceptre of Númenor, Sapling of the White Tree planted in Armenelos
40 Dwarves of the Firebeards and Broadbeams clans migrate to Khazad-dûm from Blue Mountains
61 Vardamir Nólimon born
82 The emigration to Númenor ends
192 Amandil born
203 Vardilmë born
213 Aulendil born
222 Nolondil born
350 Elendil born
361 Eärendur born
371 Yávien born
377 Mairen born
382 Oromendil born
395 Axantur born
400 Celebrían born, Celebrimbor creates the second Elessar for Galadriel
442 Death of Elros Tar-Minyatur, Tar-Vardamir takes the Sceptre of Númenor, Tar-Vardamir abdicates, Tar-Amandil takes the Sceptre
443 The legal end of Tar-Vardamir's reign
471 Death of Tar-Vardamir
500 Sauron stirs in the East, Ereinion Gil-galad perceives a new Shadow
512 Caliondo born
521 Silmariën born
532 Isilmë born
543 Meneldur born
548 Silmariën born (incorrectly stated by Tale of Years)
551 Lindissë born
562 Ardamir born
575 Cemendur born
590 Tar-Elendil takes Sceptre
600 Númenóreans first return to Middle-earth under Vëantur, Meeting on the Tower Hills takes place
601 Vëantur returns?[source?]
603 Death of Tar-Amandil
630 Valandil born
670 Malantur born
700 Aldarion born
Eregion founded by Galadriel and Celeborn[source?]
Írildë born
711 Hallatan born
712 Ailinel born
725 Aldarion makes first journey to Mithlond in Númerrámar
727 Aldarion returns to Númenor
729 Almiel born
730 Aldarion's second journey to Mithlond
733 Aldarion returns to Númenor
735 Aldarion's third journey to Mithlond, carrying a mallorn seed
739 Aldarion returns bearing gifts from Ereinion Gil-galad
740 Tar-Meneldur takes the Sceptre
750 Ost-in-Edhil constructed, Guild of Venturers formed by Aldarion
751 Death of Tar-Elendil
771 Erendis born, Vinyalondë constructed[source?], Aldarion perceives the growing Shadow
799 Soronto born
800 Aldarion proclaimed King's Heir at 100 years-old, as is customary
806 Aldarion's seven year voyage
813 Aldarion returns to Númenor, Construction begun on Palarran
816 Palarran completed, Aldarion's four year voyage
820 Aldarion returns to Númenor, Tar-Meneldur rescinds Aldarion's authority
824 Aldarion's five year voyage
829 Aldarion returns and immediately sets out upon his fourteen year voyage
840 Nessanië born
843 Aldarion returns to Númenor, Tar-Meneldur restores authority
844 Aldarion finds Erendis and asks for betrothal, but is denied
850 Aldarion and Erendis sail to Andúnië, Calmindon constructed
852 Hallacar born
858 Aldarion is betrothed to Erendis
861 Aldarion and Erendis forswear wedding until his return
863 Aldarion's six year voyage
869 Aldarion returns to Númenor, First shadow appears on sailing to Middle-earth, wedding of Aldarion and Erendis[source?]
871 A second Sapling of the White Tree planted in Armenelos in Aldarion's house
873 Ancalimë born
875 Construction begins on Hirilondë
877 Hirilondë completed, Aldarion's second five year voyage
880 Ancalimë learns her father is Lord Aldarion
882 Aldarion returns. Seperation of Aldarion and Erendis
883 Tar-Aldarion takes Sceptre
884 Tar-Aldarion returns to Mithlond
892 Ancalimë proclaimed King's Heir and changes law of marriage
900 Death of Caliondo
942 Death of Meneldur
985 Drowning of Erendis
1,000 Sauron begins construction on Barad-dûr, Ancalimë weds Hallacar
1,003 Anárion born
1,075 Queen Tar-Ancalimë takes Sceptre
1,098 Death of Tar-Aldarion
1,174 Súrion born
1,200 Ereinion Gil-galad turns away Annatar, Númenóreans begin to construct permanent havens
1,211 Hallacar dies
1,280 Tar-Anárion takes Sceptre
1,285 Death of Ancalimë
1,320 Telperiën born
1,350 Sauron incites Celebrimbor to revolt against Galadriel and Celeborn
1,394 Tar-Súrion takes Sceptre
1,400 Galadriel and Celeborn come to Laurelindórenan
1,404 Death of Tar-Anárion
1,474 Minastir born
1,500 The Rings of Power are constructed, Sauron departs Eregion
1,556 Queen Tar-Telperiën takes Sceptre
1,574 Death of Tar-Súrion
1,590 The Three Rings are constructed
1,600 The One Ring is forged, Barad-dûr completed, Sauron openly proclaims himself, Pallando and Alatar come to Middle-earth
1,634 Ciryatan born
1,693 The Three Rings are hidden, War of the Elves and Sauron begins
1,695 Sauron invades Eriador
1,697 Sack of Eregion, Death of Celebrimbor, Rivendell founded, Dwarves assail Sauron from behind, Khazad-dûm closed
1,699 Sauron overruns Eriador
1,700 Defeat of Sauron by the Númenóreans under King's Heir Minastir
1,701 Sauron driven from Eriador, First White Council held, Galadriel and Celeborn depart for Belfalas
1,731 Death of Tar-Telperiën, Tar-Minastir takes Sceptre
1,800 Atanamir born, Lond Daer Enedh constructed
1,869 Tar-Ciryatan takes Sceptre
1,873 Death of Tar-Minastir
1,900 First shadow falls on Númenor from greed of Tar-Ciryatan
1,986 Tar-Ancalimon born
2,029 Tar-Atanamir takes Sceptre
2,032 Ban of the Valar is questioned, Eagles abandon Meneltarma
2,035 Death of Tar-Ciryatan
2,136 Telemmaitë born
2,221 Death of Tar-Atanamir, Tar-Ancalimon takes Sceptre
2,251 Elven tongue is forsworn in Númenor by King's Men, Nazgûl appear
2,277 Vanimeldë born
2,280 Haven of Umbar founded
2,286 Herucalmo born
2,350 Pelargir is built. It becomes the chief haven of the Faithful Númenóreans
2,386 Death of Tar-Ancalimon, Tar-Telemmaitë takes Sceptre
2,406 Alcarin born
2,516 Tar-Calmacil born
2,526 Death of Tar-Telemmaitë, Queen Tar-Vanimeldë takes Sceptre
2,618 Ardamin born
2,630 Gimilzagar born
2,637 Death of Tar-Vanimeldë, Herucalmo as Tar-Anducal seizes Sceptre
2,657 Death of Tar-Anducal, Tar-Alcarin takes Sceptre
2,709 Adûnakhôr born
2,737 Death of Tar-Alcarin, Ar-Belzagar takes Sceptre
2,798 Zimrathôn born, Sauron withdraws from the shores
2,825 Death of Ar-Belzagar, Ardamin as Ar-Abattârik takes Sceptre
2,876 Sakalthôr born
2,899 Death of Ar-Abattârik, Ar-Adûnakhôr takes Sceptre
2,960 Gimilzôr born, Elven tongue abandoned in Númenor
2,962 Death of Ar-Adûnakhôr, Ar-Zimrathôn takes Sceptre
3,033 Death of Ar-Zimrathôn, Ar-Sakalthôr takes Sceptre
3,035 Inziladûn born
3,044 Gimilkhâd born
3,102 Death of Ar-Sakalthôr, Ar-Gimilzôr takes Sceptre
3,117 Míriel born, Elves no longer permitted entrance to Númenor, Elven tongue forbidden in Númenor
3,118 Pharazôn born
3,119 Elendil born
3,175 Repentance of Tar-Palantir (according to the Tale of Years)
3,177 Death of Ar-Gimilzôr, Tar-Palantir takes Sceptre, Civil War in Númenor, Prophecy of the White Tree given
3,209 Isildur born
3,219 Anárion born
3,243 Death of Gimilkhâd
3,255 Death of Tar-Palantir, Ar-Pharazôn seizes Sceptre
3,261 Ar-Pharazôn lands at the Haven of Umbar
3,262 Sauron taken to Númenor as prisoner
3,299 Elendur born
3,310 The Great Armament begins construction, Amandil sails to Aman
3,316 Amandil sails to Aman
3,319 Meneldil born.
3,319 Downfall of Númenor, Deaths of Ar-Pharazôn and Míriel
3,320 Arnor and Gondor founded
3,339 Aratan born
3,379 Ciryon born
3,399 Cemendur born
3,429 Sauron takes Minas Ithil
3,430 Last Alliance formed, Valandil born
3,431 Last Alliance marches to Imladris
3,434 Battle of Dagorlad, Siege of Barad-dûr, deaths of Amdír and Oropher
3.440 Death of Anárion
3,441 Deaths of Ereinion Gil-galad and Elendil, defeat of Sauron