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Tobold Hornblower

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Tobold "Old Toby" Hornblower was a famous Hobbit of Longbottom in the Southfarthing of the Shire. In his younger days, Tobold was something of a traveller, and made the eastward journey to Bree on several occasions. It was there, it is generally supposed, that he came across the cultivation and smoking of pipe-weed. Tobold must have collected some of these plants and brought them back to his own garden in Longbottom. (At least, this is the most likely version of events - Tobold himself remained silent on the matter).

The Southfarthing seems to have been ideal for the growing of pipe-weed, and it became one the Shire's most important industries. Among the different varieties that were developed, one was named 'Old Toby' in honour of Tobold its first grower.


Tobold is perhaps a form of Theobald which contains theud "people" and bald "bold"[1].


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