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Tol Fuin

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Tol Fuin
Physical Description
LocationWest of Forlindon
InhabitantsMaybe Elves
DescriptionAn Island off the western coast of Middle-Earth
General Information
EtymologyS. Dark Isle (tol + fuin)
EventsSinking of Beleriand

Tol Fuin was an island off the coast of Forlindon.

[edit] History

When the waves consumed Beleriand and the regions around it after the War of Wrath, not all of the western lands were lost. The highlands that had been Dorthonion, and came to be called Taur-nu-Fuin, in part survived the inrush of the sea, and remained as an island far off the western coasts of Forlindon.[1][2]

[edit] References

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Remnants of Drowned Beleriand
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