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Tolkien Gateway is determined to inform you as much as possible about Tolkien and his masterpieces. Our goal is to have the most complete database about Middle-earth and Tolkien as possible.

Goal: Our goal is 10,000 pages of Tolkien related material by the end of the year!

Currently I'm going through each character, location, item, etc. in Middle-earth alphabetically and getting a page up for them. Then I'll go through and check for any red links and update content as deemed necessary. While doing this I'm also trying to work on other Tolkien pages that most Tolkien Encyclopedia's dont have, specifically Tolkien in the present. I'm hoping to get a list of any music about Middle-earth as well as a list of any collectible created.

I used "I" a lot in the paragraph above, but this site is in no way about me. It's about a community joining forces to create the largest J.R.R. Tolkien resource on the internet. Feel free to edit/add any pages you see fit, or if you want to embark on a specific project let me know and I'll try and throw in a few ideas and help you out. As the site continues to grow rapidly I'm always looking for administrators I can count on who update frequently and accurately. These people will help me moderate the changes to the site so we can make sure everything is up to the Tolkien Gateway standards.

For anyone interested in contacting me my AIM is Srekal86, MSN is, my email is

If you want to chat with all your fellow contributors or want to discuss future ideas and plans for Tolkien Gateway then why not drop by our Chat.

Outline: First I'm going to do a general sweep between all the people, places, and things in Middle-earth. Then I'll go back and double check links, update the pages with more content, as well as I'll try and find a picture for each page, at least the main ones, so we can get some more imagery on here. I also plan to compose a list of any music related to Tolkien and a page for each of the artists. I would also like to create pages for the collectibles, mainly Sideshow Weta ones, with pictures, and details about them. That's my plan for now, which should keep us busy for a while. Let me know if you have any ideas.